Introduction Of KIA SONIC 2021

KIA STONIC 2021. The one that Ashton and that is one of those cars that fall nice and it is clear that the European public agrees because their sales have been quite good but of course, the competition tightens and the small crossover of the brand South Korean has come the time to catch up and what brings this update as what touches some aesthetic changes improvements of equipping a new range of engines and even an attractive gt line version which is the one that will be the protagonist of our video because nothing here.

The first time the Kia is tonic a crossover developed based on the river

We are in the presentation of the key Ashton and this first contact as we explained to you all its news and tell you how the mess goes to me It seems like yesterday but it’s been almost four years since we left berlin to test for the first time the Kia is tonic a crossover developed based on the river with the idea of ​​meeting what the public came crying out and now crying out because for better or for worse who before needed a utility now demands what has come to be called as an urban sub and since today there are more cars of this style than barefoot dogs.

That has decided to increase the appeal of his this nick with the new finish gt line that gives it a sporty touch, although deep down it is not, that does not mean that the this has not always been a car it turned out and it does not surprise me that the public you have given the go-ahead because your design is one of those that may work for this reason and also due to an understandable aversion to risk, the evolution of its design has been very discreet and its external dimensions remain.


The same measures 4 with 14 meters long with a wheelbase of 2.58 meters its width is 176 and its height a great and then what is it that has changed on the outside therefore fundamentally the front optics that now finally they can be led, what happens is that it is optional equipment that we lead to our unit but good for that is the magic of the video and here you can see how these optics look that present a new light signature and that with its technology it solves one of the deficiencies that we criticize in our test of the original model moving on to other questions.

New 16-inch alloy wheel designs with 195 55 tires

Now we can choose between seven uniform body colors and eight combinations in contrast as is the case of our unit in petén and the grave and tan orange and there are also new 16-inch alloy wheel designs with 195 55 tires from here on the great novelty is the incorporation to the Estorick range of the aforementioned gt line version that presents a series of distinctive elements and the first of them is the grill that wears this is the more chrome on a background of our beloved and most delicate piano black.

We will find more sections in black lacquered in the bumper whose design is more aggressive than in the other versions, the fog lights are integrated into this chrome trim and I like the detail of incorporating these three thin air inlets painted in contrasting color the gt Alain 3 series version of rearview mirrors in black and rims 17-inch alloy with tires in size 200 555 these wheels Slightly larger ones raise the vehicle’s height by two centimeters and It is one with 52 meters in the rear of the bumper different presents modified reflectors and central protection.

That by design resembles that of a diffuser and if the rest of the versions of the is tony that leads to an output of escape to the right side the gt line has two one on each side what I can not understand it is because in this case, they are false with how easy it was to have left a real escape hatch I do not understand well and up to here all that has changed on the outside of the vehicle and inside let’s see the trunk is the same as before it maintains the same loading mouth quite a bit wide but with a high threshold and still offers the same 332 liters capacity but the arrival of the new hybrid engines of the that I will talk to you later assumes.

The battery has to be placed under the floor

That the battery has to be placed under the floor and therefore here there is no place for a spare wheel, this supposes that we will not be able to place the floor at two height either, but in any case, with the rear seatbacks folded we will obtain a total load capacity of 1,155 liters the rear seats are also like those of the outgoing model the access the interior continues to be fair and the habitability we also have a lot to spare knee room and both ceilings and door frame are something near the head the central square is valid for some occasional use but little more and if two people want to charge their phones at the same time they will have to fight for the only usb port.


Hyundai IONIQ 5 2021

So the habitability of the row rear continues to be one of the weak points of the Kia tonic the driver’s station features the same simple but successful design and also the same quality of hard-touch materials but with good impression finish and robustness but here we will find relevant differences: big news is the central touch screen that was previously 7 inches and now it has grown to 8 inches diagonally it is forced to shift towards the lower area the shortcuts that were previously on both sides which was just not a problem because they are still real buttons the infotainment system has been updated in the new version something simpler to use with higher response speed and the possibility to connect more than.

One device via Bluetooth simultaneously follows offering of course GPS navigation and compatibility with android auto and apple car play other additions are the newer and sharper digital display of 42 inches for instrument cluster mode selector button driving and height adjustment for the passenger seat we have already seeing that the new gt line finish features exclusive details on the exterior and the same happens in the passenger compartment such is the case of upholstery that is fabric and leather with stitching the steering wheel that presents these sections in perforated leather and has on its part lower the model badge and these dashboard moldings for the that.

1.0 Tejeda and three-cylinder engines

I invite you to use our observation skills will be carbon already I will tell us jce in the comments and since it is expelling buttons on the internet remember to give the button of affection good button of affection as such there is no on youtube but you already know what this is about if you like our videos give the like and if you want to subscribe us up to here all the changes that are in sight and now it’s time to talk about those who don’t look good about those who don’t come unless.

We raise the field and here is the main novelty mechanics of this knicks its new family of engines that has two key features the first one its name that is easy is called smart stream and the second it is propulsion system which is a light hybrid of 48 volts these new engines give access to the distinctive echo of the dgt and replace to those of the previous family of 1.0 Tejeda and three-cylinder engines without, However, they retain the same architecture to which they add the well-known electrical device and the battery that powers it and the same powers of 100 and 120 horses for its part the basic option of gasoline the propeller Atmospheric 1.2 cpi 84-horsepower four-cylinder has also been overhauled by the way.


Where there has been no revision some in the diesel engines basically because there are no more in this contact we tried one of the new versions and light lives and specifically the one with 120 horses, which is not only the most powerful but also, in my opinion, the one that best adapts to all kinds of use, said this, do not wait Vertigo performance accelerates from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in about correct 10 4 seconds the sensations transmitted by this small turbo engine they do not seem very different from those of the outgoing model.

The shortage of displacement is noticeable

It still offers a linear and fairly full power delivery except at low revs and here It is where the shortage of displacement is noticeable but also now helps it of the electric motor that accompanies it, otherwise, it is not a motor that rotates very fine or that it sounds like heavenly music but we already know that this is what usually happens with three-cylinder engines but generally speaking this it is a propellant that fits very well with the philosophy of this car the 120 horsepower gasoline maintains its same torque of 172 minutes meters but curiously.

It can reach a maximum of 200 meters meters if we choose the seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox this engine is in fact the only one that can carry automatic transmission although the unit that we are testing has a six-speed manual gearbox a transmission with a soft touch and with precise lever strokes but there is more then if the manual gearbox than accompanies the light hybrid mechanics has something special and that something is called an electronic clutch as the name suggests there is no connection physics between pedal and clutch this with the help of the generator device a motor The starter allows the gasoline engine to be switched off and on again. automatically.

We lift the gas pedal and it is possible to circulate

When we lift the gas pedal and it is possible to circulate at the candle, that is, by inertia, of course, this functionality is also available with automatic transmission in both cases up to a speed of 125 kilometers per hour and in both cases with correct consumption of around 5 liters and a half according to wl tp approval as soon as he is like this without news at the front there is no change or need to They made this crossover that has a utility or utility feel a lot of fun to lead the truth and it is because.

He has been able to get the key aspects right a relatively light car does not weigh 1,200 kilos that also feels light it has suspensions neither too hard nor too soft it changes trajectory with ease, which contributes to its rapid direction and braking seems very correct for power and touch, it is therefore about a simple but effective car and I insist very fun to drive and also a more reliable car.