Renault KANGOO COMBI 2021
Renault KANGOO COMBI 2021

Renault KANGOO COMBI 2021

Introduction Of Renault KANGOO COMBI 2021

Renault KANGOO COMBI 2021. This is the latest Renault model and it is clear that it is a Renault because it looks the rhombus logo but from here it will be a compact it will be a suv it will be a minivan then not to everything and if it is all about the new generation from the Renault Kangoo a car that claims to be more than ever an authentic multipurpose and you see how much has changed for the better and even more in this combi version intended for family use we are in the dynamic presentation of the new Renault Kangoo combi and we only.

Combi designed as tourism from there almost everything is different

They have given a few hours in the morning to record this video so we will have to beat some kind of record so you speak the Renault Kangoo preserves its original idea of ​​offering the maximum ratio between exterior and interior volume and as always continues to offer the variants van intended for commercial and industrial use and combi designed as tourism from there almost everything is different since for his third generation has been redesigned from scratch and shows a clear evolution in terms of to body chassis safety and equipment with all this the Renault Kangoo has taken a great leap in quality that basically could be expected since the.


The previous generation has been with us for 14 years, if you had had a baby back then now will surely be doing little dances in tick-tock curiously the new Kangoo combi arrives with the intention of cover space just vacated by the missing Renault scenic se repeats to some extent the history of today’s citroën Berlingo peyote Richter Opel combo life ford tourneo connect y Volkswagen caddy vans converted to passenger cars and that has evolved to the point of becoming the ideal alternative for who miss the abandoned minivan unlike the Kangoo van which is available in two body sizes the new one with feet in size measures 4 with 49 meters long and its.

The wheelbase is 272 meters therefore it is a vehicle relatively compact that does stand out for its width of about 92 meters and because of its height, together with 84 meters, these measurements confirm that the Kangoo combi has grown a lot in dimensions but what stands out is a deep makeover now features a much more serious design than is at the same time more graceful but perhaps a little more impersonal in this sense the front could be that of a Renault or perfectly that of a 2 already.

This combination of grills and Rectangular headlights closely resemble

Which has nothing wrong because the last thanks have quite liked but it cannot be denied that this combination of grills and Rectangular headlights closely resemble the latest Roman house designs daytime running lights show formal features and are offered fully led optics, the fog lights are integrated into chrome trim and the Lower grille is finished off with a robust sight bumper protector side reflects a steeper windshield better windows marked a few smooths two body panels for which we can choose among nine paint colors including.

This terra brown and more discreet wheel arches also arrive of course new wheel designs in sizes between 15 and 17 inches like these that are of alloy and also the roof bars incorporate an ingenious solution that allows to convert them into a load cow with up to 80 kilos of capacity the idea is the same as we saw in our test of the Dacia Sandero stepway to which we leave the link but here we can place the bars in transverse position without using tools the operation is simply what happens is that we are very clumsy the rearview and very marked shoulders that give the vehicle a current image and this has made it possible to widen the optics that are of the led.

Renault KANGOO COMBI 2021
Renault KANGOO COMBI 2021

The rear window is very wide and has this colorful spoiler but in I change the rear bumper opted for discretion there is neither not even fake escapes to complain about, we haven’t even looked for a little shadow to show you the cabin but first a little pause for the honey and to tell you the love we have for you and to ask for a little bit of your.

who need to travel in a wheelchair the cabin has changed from top to bottom and says goodbye to that design that it looked like a patch over patch now it’s much more modern more harmonious better worked and more typical of tourism and of course, it has taken a huge leap from the quality and finish Another thing that has improved a lot is the position of driving mainly because the steering wheel is less inclined than in the previous model and now in addition to height adjustment.

Who need to travel in a wheelchair the cabin h

That will be especially appreciated by people We also have regulation in depth what a wonder the instrument panel is analog traditional in style and has a 4.2 digital screen at its center inches that later may be up to 7 inches the new screen touch of this type tablet reaches 8 inches diagonally and by design, I remind a little of the Dacia Sandero, the good thing about it is that it is if a very elevated position not too far from sight and the trouble is that no stands out neither by brightness nor by the sharpness and a curious fact is that it has a port usb right here in the frame.

The infotainment system features a simple interface and it is not very slow of reactions allows to configure different vehicle functionalities gives access to the navigator and rear camera and it also allows us to use the application our phone or through android auto and apple car play I’m glad the Kangoo now offers a dual-zone climate control which also has real controls to control the temperature and also I like that the gear lever is located in this raised position very natural for the driver although that is submerged in this small pond In black piano by the way, here the control of the brake will be located electric parking when available because at the moment.



We have to settle for the traditional lever brake and now let’s move on to a look very important in this class of vehicles the spaces were to leave objects that according to the brand add up in this case 49 liters of capacity starting at the top we have a large tray under the ceiling passing the dashboard behind the visor of the instrumentation is a hood with the cover that houses two usb sockets another 12 volt and support for the phone and there is also another space discovered in the central part below of the steering.

The driver and at the other end a good glove box

Wheel there is a small gap within reach of the driver and at the other end a good glove box with drawer drive is offered in the console central we have another tray a wireless charging station two porta drinks and a chest under the armrest all that is not enough for us inside of the doors we can leave more things still and finally we do not have an interior rear-view mirror but two first we have the one of all the life that can be by mirror or also by cameras and that serves to monitor what happens outside.

The vehicle and then we have this other one that is curved that serves to monitor what happens inside the vehicle the real one that has sliding doors to both sides and also the van model stands out for its functionality ‘open yourself sesame ‘eye is not that I say it, it is that it is the name that the brand has chosen dispenses with the center pillar on the right side to create a side opening of 145 meters for its part, the combi version intended for the transport of passengers and conserves the pillar, but still access to the rear of the square is very simple mainly because the height to the ceiling It is very good, the first thing to highlight about the back row is that.

It has three seats of the same size are not individual they are divided into two sections 60 40 and do not have longitudinal regulation but in exchange, They are fully foldable in terms of the available space it is very well I have the front seat, my driving position, you know 78 and there is not much problem for the knees and I can also pass the feet very well below in terms of excess width, the truth is that it goes with a great feeling of spaciousness and then taking into account the tourist, you see, it is tremendous both here at least two people will travel very well and then like the flat is completely flat and the middle seat is as wide as the other two the passenger of the central square will travel with the comfort and dignity.

Two aeration outlets one intake 12 volt two usb ports

That they deserve as comfort details we can make use of two aeration outlets one intake 12 volt two usb ports and a small drawer cited to leave little things and to finish the last generation detail, the rear windows are electric in the van model you access the trunk through a double side door that for the combi is an option of equipment, this passenger version comes standard with a vertical opening as the gate is huge you have to be careful when opening it first because if it hits us in the face it can make us uglier than we already are and second because it is necessary to ensure free distance back and upstairs the good thing is that once opened.

It will protect us from the rain or the sun ete but the cold that does the same, the truth is that the loading mouth is not wide to the point of taking advantage of all the available space, therefore it is perfectly rectangular and it’s very low threshold facilitates the operations of loading and unloading the upper tray is rigid although it can be folded at the half and the floor is one meter and three centimeters deep with the five seats in use we have a load capacity of 775 liters up to the tray and 1,30 liters up to the ceiling and if we fold the seats later we will have 2,800 liters the new Cancun makes use of the cmf modular platform that gives life to different passenger cars of the Renault group including.

The current Renault capture and Dacia Sandero as has happened with those the experience that you offer us at your wheel is now much more satisfactory the touch of the new model is more of tourism with quality of clearly improved gear to see we do not try here to find sportiness and dynamism but to the degree of driving which is precisely what we can ask for and require a car of this category, the suspensions have a soft touch although the first part of their travel.

What did not convince me is that the rear brakes

It is somewhat drier the body movements are well contained taking into account the height of the vehicle and we will not suffer large nods when braking the steering is much better than in the previous Kangoo is It is true that it is a little bit multiplied but not as much as in the previous model and above all the good thing is that it transmits much greater sensation of precision and control and logically with it the confidence to the driver on the other hand What did not convince me is that the rear brakes are still drummed It’s good that it’s not the end of the world or a key aspect of a vehicle of these characteristics but it would have cost so much to offer them although.

It was as an option where great progress has been noticed in the quality of rolling the new model presents much more careful insulation and mounts thicker glass which has led to better soundproofing of the passenger compartment and less intrusion of engine noise and vibrations speaking of engines the mechanical range does not include hybrid versions offered in the launch of the 130 horsepower 1.3 tc gasoline engine and the 1.5 diesel blood dci of 75 and 95 horses for now all engines have change 6-speed manual but the automatic dual-clutch option is coming soon and seven speeds will not take long to join another 10 in 115 horses and in 2022 the range will be completed with an ex-model 100% electric in this first contact we are driving the version 130 horsepower gasoline with a manual gearbox.