Hyundai SANTA FE 2021 SUV
Hyundai SANTA FE 2021 SUV

Hyundai SANTA FE 2021 SUV

Introduction Of Hyundai SANTA FE 2021 SUV

Hyundai SANTA FE 2021 SUV. That his family member of the Korean brand presents a new front an interior revised with more technology some changes in the chassis and even a new one platform for offering electrified versions for the first time so that we can discover it in the first person without die has invited us to the national presentation of its new santafé and as it usually happens in these first contact there is a lot to tell and very little time so when mess.

The Hyundai Santa Fe

The Hyundai Santa Fe has been a successful model for the firm for two decades South Korean in Spain the sales of this family suv have been almost in its totality for the seven-seater version and with the arrival of the fourth generation became the only one available in our country and only three years later, the new Santafé updated early and profound, starting with its external image, we always complain that brands make all their designs too similar to each other to the point that I have seen one seen everything well in the case of Hyundai almost.

The opposite happens because the designs of their latest models have nothing in common, nothing or almost nothing. After all, these sharp optics if they remind me at least by housing to those from with to daytime running lights have a T-shaped signature and extend towards the new light groups located at the ends of the grille a grill that certainly attracts attention with the front of the cars is happening as it happens with mobile phones and is that if.

Now the smartphones are all screen cars are all grill and the gym Santa Fe- it can hardly be bigger the bumper is now more and it helps to give the vehicle a flatter and more vertical image and it has also grown up the front air intake that is wrapped by this style piece Chrome if the front is very different, the rear is not so much here the most remarkable is the new colored line that joins the optics following that trend that does not seem to want to go out of style.

The bumper to ming is new and features

The bumper to ming is new and features another red line running through it from end to end the robust-looking underside incorporates high-quality protections size morphologically the South Korean continues to be the same continues to measure 189 meters wide and 168 high and maintains the 477 meters in length with 277 battle and 18 5 centimeters of ground clearance the silhouette is identical therefore and it could be said that the side view of the vehicle presents in return but reality.

The wheel arches are somewhat larger to accommodate a somewhat larger wheel can now carry both up to 20 inches although these are 19 inches and in terms of design, we already know will say in the comments all this is fine but in the end not there are new body colors yes there are and they have nice names Anglo-Saxon glazer white laguna blue and taiga brown how nice and if the cabin also offers new combinations in black or beige In addition, the driver’s position takes as its starting point the renewed design and the clear improvement of qualities.

This screen available the superior finishes

That this generation of Santa Fe and from there it has incorporated important news the first and most visible is the central screen that before could be at most 8 inches diagonal and now reaches 10.25 inches like the one you are seeing here this screen available the superior finishes is the same that also presents the new icing and Tucson acuity there have been tests.

We leave you to link the new screen stands out as is logical for its greater readability something that helps the fact of being located at the top of the dashboard but it also gives me the feeling that it is sharper and luminosity the infotainment system is relatively simple and quick to respond incorporates satellite navigation and is compatible with android auto and card play connectivity standards In addition, depending on the chosen finish, the instrument panel can be fully digital in which case it adopts.

The same 12 3-inch screens as also mount the Tucson another element that is new in the Santa faith but that we had already seen in his little brother is this selector of the change by buttons therefore we say goodbye to the lever and its physical connection to the gearbox because these buttons control it electronically and that is only one of the changes that the console incorporates Central that has been completely redesigned in the Mercedes style I would say now it is much more voluminous and groups.

The vehicle including the new rotary control of the driving mode

The main controls of the vehicle including the new rotary control of the driving mode selector Fortunately, we still have real controls at our fingertips to control the air conditioning and it is also appreciated that the steering wheel is heated and that the seats can be heated and even optionally cooling It is curious that other brands that boast of much more prestige they do not offer them for you to see and one and it is a brand.

That knows to make good use of the space available in the passenger compartment and the Santa faith is shown as always exemplary in the habitability section access to the second row of seats is still an easy thing, indeed, the door does not open at 90 degrees but it lacks little and you do not have to have much afraid of hitting the head because the ceiling is high once.

We are talking about 30 centimeters nothing less when in other mobile photos it is normal for it to be half this is an especially important detail in a vehicle that offers seven seats divided into three rows of seats and in which we do not want to do suffer unnecessarily to our passengers but hey whoever they are condemned to ride in the back rows and who will suffer at least one a little bit to access the back row, the first thing we have to do is press this button.

The rear seats can have controls for air conditioning 12-volt socket

That folds the rear seatback and allows you to bring the seat to its more advanced position then we make the empirical demonstration that I’m getting a little bit older and finally I feel good I feel a little overwhelmed because both in this sub commented those of their category the rear seats are smaller than the rest well actually the situation is not so terrible but things, as they are we are very close to the ground the front backrest, is close to the knee and the good roof as Gerard farrés would say almost touched me the piece is clear by so much that.

These two places are preferable to carry the child or to take me if I do not care a man as a consolation the rear seats can have controls for air conditioning 12-volt socket and drink holder at the less from this perspective to the third row if it offers almost as many comforts like the second we have a look at the trunk that has an electric drive and hands-free function, yes optionally as You see the loading mouth is very square, very wide and the threshold is also low, which facilitates loading operations but.

If you have also fixed, the bottom remains at the height of this threshold and that is because as I said in Spain there is only the mind to the seven-seater version and with the seats folded the bottom is thus consequently the load capacity with five seats in uses are a worthy 547 liters far from the 625 liters offered by the version with only five seats, in any case, the shapes of the trunk make it very and as a good detail it has some electric pushbuttons that allow remote folding of the backrests of the central row to do.

202 horsepower and dual-clutch transmission with 8 speeds

So we will have access to 1,625 liters of maximum capacity cargo by the way the only space available under the floor is this one here but it is occupied by the vehicle battery and by the jack there is no kit anti-puncture because fortunately, the Hyundai Santa Fe is one of those few subs that if they bring a spare tire what happens is that it is not here.

It is underneath old-fashioned car Hyundai family SUV engine range presents an optimized version of the well-known 2.2 cred diesel and with an aluminum block instead of steel and now with 202 horsepower and dual-clutch transmission with 8 speeds but without a doubt, the great news is that with the adoption of its new platform the same as the Kia Sorento the Hyundai Santa Fe has approved one of his pending subjects electrification thus offers for the first once a plug-in hybrid variant with 265 horsepower all-wheel drive and a battery of 13 to 8-kilowatt hours and a model also make its premiere conventional non-plug-in hybrid with 230 combined.

Horsepower this version adds an electric motor of 44 to 2 kilowatts equivalent to about 60 horsepower to the 180 horsepower 1.6 TDI gasoline engine the transmission runs at a charge of a torque converter type automatic transmission with 6 speeds and The small lithium-ion battery has a capacity of 1 with 49 kilowatts is now, therefore, the same conventional hybrid system that has already adopted the new 580 this hybrid option is what we have chosen for our brief contact and maybe the most interesting first for its power level.

Which leads to good low and medium power

Since 230 horsepower is enough and leftover to move a heavy and large sub like this serve as data that accelerates from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 89 seconds in addition to Unlike other hybrid cars, this one has a gasoline engine turbocharged which leads to good low and medium power delivery regime and that the displacement is fair that it is and this is where it comes in the third favorable aspect at stake is that the electric motor that has logically an immediate response is also powerful enough to lend a hand.

When we ask the car for greater throttle response the only thing that has not convinced me of this hybrid system is the automatic transmission Paris converter type that I found a little slow in reaction both diesel and gasoline hybrid models are available with front or all-wheel drive from then on the 10 outperforms the hybrid by torque engine 442 meters compared to 350 and consumption approved 6.2 liters at 100 the diesel and 6.4 the hybrid difference that will become more pronounced in the real world but.

What the diesel model cannot compete with is in its qualification environmental since only the hybrid access to the eco-label of address general traffic The brand assures that the new model brings improvements in the chassis that affect the positive way to the driving experience in this sense has been lowered the center of gravity of the vehicle and have also applied some changes to the front axle aimed at improving the handling of the vehicle actually when we first tested the current generation of santafé already highlighted its greater structural rigidity and the greater firmness of the suspensions and the changes applied in the latter updates only reinforce the image.

The Santa Fe platform has also increased the degree of security

That we already had of this car a road suv that has gained a lot in maneuverability and transmits more than ever confidence and safety to the driver talking about safety the new The Santa Fe platform has also increased the degree of security passive guaranteeing less deformation of the passenger compartment in case of accident well accidents is to avoid it and the road to enjoy it and for us to enjoy it, even more, Santafé has also given one step forward by reducing noise and vibration levels transmitted in the passenger compartment only.

The engine is noticeable a little when it turns high revolution in short and ultimately may the Hyundai Santa Fe may not be an exciting car it honestly is not but if one that offers its clients just what they ask for, which is the absence of strong emotions simply a good car in which to travel comfortably quiet and family again Santa Fe is already on sale in Spain with four trim levels of lower to higher is called classes not available for free of stove bleu max perhaps.

The most balanced by techno price which is the one we have shown in and style the most luxurious of all with 20-inch wheels and the lower body section in the same paint color as prices before to apply promotions and discounts start from the same 44 thousand 500 euros that cost the diesel model and the conventional hybrid.