Seat Leon e-Hybrid in the Eco-Rally 2021
Seat Leon e-Hybrid in the Eco-Rally 2021

Seat Leon e-Hybrid in the Eco-Rally 2021

Introduction Of Seat Leon e-Hybrid in the Eco-Rally 2021

Seat Leon e-Hybrid in the Eco-Rally 2021. The first plug-in hybrid seat has gotten very little ahead of it to the terrace that is about to arrive but curiously it is not the first lion plug-in hybrid since his Cupra brand brother was ahead of him slightly in a more powerful version of 245 horses this has 204 this version of the lion is sold in the two superior finishes the excellent and the fr.

The two bodies of this model

Which is this and in the two bodies of this model this which is the five doors and the family sports tourer this is a car with a theoretical autonomy in the 64-kilometer electric mode so that if you are one of those who during the week you use the car for daily trips of between 30 and 50 kilometers you probably don’t have to fill it with gasoline while using the car throughout the week we have already put it in a way that we are going to test it anyway today’s test will be different or be safe and you will see it throughout.

the video that until now we had not done any consumer test like the one we will do with this plug-in hybrid lion about being a lion we have already told you almost everything so this time, no We will repeat how something is inside or outside for which we refer you to the other tests of this car and you will find in the channel that if we want to highlight.

Some very quick little details the first social of this car to be a plug-in hybrid can fit these tight tires with so little space therefore with little brake cooling but that improve aerodynamics very much these are 18 inches and they are optional worth 670 extra euros and are shod with Bridgestone tires turanza t 0 0 5 that has the as main characteristic that they work very well in water are some summer tires the second is the trunk as it usually happens in all plug-in hybrids the boot loses capacity, in this case, it exceeds 380 liters.

Whoever needs a large trunk

That any lion has to the 270 offered by this version in the case from the familiar st the loss is a little higher, it goes from 620 liters to 470 but we will keep those 470s so that whoever needs a large trunk will have to opt-in this case necessarily for the family version why this happens because very simple or I show immediately we lose essentially the double bottom is to say here below what we find is the gasoline tank which by the way in this car is 40 liters instead of 45 of conventional thermal lions and this is so because of the tank.

That is originally under the rear seats has to move to the trunk since in the place where the tank usually goes In this car we find the battery, yes, since it is an electric car we have the advantage of having a 230-volt socket in the trunk and the third difference is found in the front wing on the driver’s side where we have the charging socket before starting it Let’s take a look at what’s under the hood the gasoline engine is the 1.4-liter four-cylinder tsi is not the new 15 that carry the rest of Seat models that use this 150 horsepower engine.

The power is the same but the displacement not next to this engine that as I tell you has 150 horses we find an electric motor that yields 102 horsepower, the combined power is 204 that is, the two do not add up because at no time do the two at maximum performance if we exceed it would be 252 horses and the figure the official torque is 204, the torque is 350 newton-meters and so at first glance, there is no seems very high since the electric motor only already offers 330 now if we started and as usual nothing happens.

The time I got the most were 58 kilometers

Since the electricity is what they have to make no noise the car always starts in electric mode and if we want it to happen immediately to the hybrid model we have to order it through this selector on the central screen in the tests I have done in the city with a very smooth and calm driving I have come very close to the announced figure but I have not reached it at any time the time I got the most were 58 kilometers and I have the feeling that by hurrying much more I could reach 60 to 62 but in my opinion not to the 64 announced and we alternate city with perimeter highways.

We will be over 50 kilometers maybe some more and if we go directly to the highway, autonomy in 100% electric mode will be over 40 kilometers maximum as seen in this shot of the moment in that the car’s heat engine starts up after 38 kilometers in highway the battery of this car is 13 2 kilowatt hours of which are useful 9.8 and only supports low recharges of up to 37 kilowatts of power this means that to charge this car it will take between 4 and 7 hours depending on whether we load 37.

Which is the maximum of 23 which is what usually gives a home installation this means this is a car designed to be recharged overnight and used in 100% electric mode during the first kilometers of the next day I say this because as a result of this operating mode that is repeated in all plug-in hybrids I would like to give you a little advice this is not a car to recharge it as we go for kilometers that is to say no we will stop every 50 kilometers to recharge it and we will wait four hours each time until the battery is charged again to make another 50 kilometers this is a car to use during.

A longer trip use the gasoline engine

The first trips short and then if we have to take a longer trip use the gasoline engine, we now go with the advice that I wanted to give you for those of you who use a car like this any plug-in hybrid does not leave it charging in public outlets that we find in the street or for example in the shots of the supermarkets and I say this because those shots have to be or should be for those cars.

That need those shots to get home or to continue the journey that is 100% electric cars when we go in electric mode, the car maintains the running silence typical of this type of propulsion the response of the electric motor is sufficient both in the city as even on road and highway it does not have very high power but all-electric accelerates very strong from the moment we step on the accelerator as the park offers is instantaneous and there is no risk that the heat engine is started when it is fully depressed since at the end of the pedal travel.

There is a quick town that is a resistance that we must expire so that the gasoline engine ends up starting if it does so. we wish once the battery runs out of Hybrid mode operation and the lion becomes just that a car hybrid that doesn’t mean we forget about the battery and move on to have a 150 horse lion at all when the battery stops propelling the car by itself through the electric motor maintains a certain charge level and will also recharge during decelerations and braking.

A little more than 6 on similar tours liters under

So that it would work like a conventional hybrid using the gasoline engine the electric in favorable situations and the combination of both when we need more power in this image you can see the fuel consumption in motorway with cruise control at 120 kilometers per hour taking into account that 38 of the 291 kilometers indicated were made in electricity, the consumption of fuel is a little over 5 and a half liters comparatively a Leon, etc and 150 horses I do not spend a little more than 6 on similar tours liters under.

The same conditions also this car has a curious adaptive regenerative braking What is that you will ask yourselves, as I comment on three specific circumstances for example if the car has read a maximum speed signal lower than the that we are wearing the moment we lift the foot brakes much more than the usual to get at that speed you have read For example, if we go on the highway and we get too close to the car that we carry forward the moment we lift our feet regeneration it is also increased so.

That we maintain the safety distance or finally if we approach a roundabout and the car knows that we are we approach it by the gps also when raising the foot the feedback is more high so that we slow down and get to the roundabout in better conditions and without having to brake so much, the truth is that this is a functionality that is very good but that sometimes puzzles a little that is to say that the moment you lift your foot the car regenerates not always the same way he always does it with criteria and with sense but.

How much he has retained

There are many times that It is not surprising that the fact of lifting gosh how much he has retained is now a function to which it takes a bit to get used to that I insist that it has many senses and that if we are ever in a hurry or not we just convince is disconnectable via the central screen like most split plug-ins the leon ph uve has two other modes of operation while driving in hybrid mode the first is the one that allows you to maintain the battery charge we can ask you to respect a level determined that.


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We can choose from 10 to 10 percent and the car will work at hybrid mode but always maintaining that level that is, you will not spend more battery using the electric motor more in the same way if we are almost without battery and we foresee that we will have to use the electric mode later we can ask you to recharge the battery also up to the percentage we choose then in the most favorable conditions of use it will revolutionize a little plus the motor to comfortably charge the battery on the highway despite being treated from an fr version with a slightly firmer suspension.

It is less agile than other versions of the lion due to the excess weight of the battery and motor electric weigh 1600 14 kilos which is quite a lot but it is also true that it is more stable in its behavior and more poised due to the presence on the shaft rear of the multi-link suspension that carries the léon covers instead of the Torsion bar mounted on models up to 150 HP gasoline this range the lion in hybrid is a very good alternative for those to that a car of this type fits them and that in our opinion they must meet two basic conditions the first is to have a plug at home.

A  goal box that is the gift to the installation

They will charge in four hours if they have a goal box that is the gift to the installation no or in seven and average with a normal plug and the second is to do daily on the order of 40 kilometers which will allow it to be used in an electric mode almost completely thus achieving the price difference concerning other versions of the same level of finish any way you do not have to forget that the discount on this car with the move plan is 3 is almost 5 thousand euros and is that this plug-in hybrid lion with this finish costs.

A price of rate 34 thousand 120 euros a figure that with the contribution of the new move plan is it will reduce considerably especially if we give a car in exchange for Scrap metal in we already have offers of new cars like this one from 26,900 euros financed and without applying the mobile phone yet and you will have observed that we have not talked about road consumption once the battery runs out we have explained how much this car spends on conventional conditions.

When taking long trips the very simple reason as the last in line said ‘we’re going to eat rice to castellón and we have not only come to castellón to eat a little rice as the song said We have also come to participate in the eco rally of the Valencian Community ‘ This is the first race of the Spanish Energy Championship alternatives and we will participate within the category of plug-in hybrids with our test lion self the eco rally of the Valencian community is a test that like all eco rally combines two disciplines regularity and efficiency for the regularity.

The averages are programmed and it measures

There are no secrets there are sections of regularity in an average speed imposed by the organization this speed can change during the stages for example when crossing a population it is reduced and the participants must keep it in every moment said in another way is not about making the average of the section determine it but to be in the average at all times both in the curves and on the lines since the regularity is measured by a series of points of secret steps in each section.

The time difference over the ideal by Advancement or delay in these measurement points are accumulated in the classification and the one with the least amount of time wins the regularity section to get be in the media all times there are different aids from specialized programs for tablets and phones to the only one device in that the averages are programmed and it measures the road to warn if the team is ahead or behind the role of the co-driver in rallies is fundamental not only has to be attentive to changes in the mean and the route of the sections.

But must compensate the meters that the pilot gains or lose when cutting on the road trying to reach average speed the co-pilots are almost engineers of distance and time and I had one of the best Eloy, in the end, The efficiency part is spending as little as possible on both the regularity sections such as those of connection but always arriving on time at departures and hourly controls.