Ford Kuga Hybrid New Car For Sports Lovers
Ford Kuga Hybrid New Car For Sports Lovers

Ford Kuga Hybrid New Car For Sports Lovers

Introduction Of Ford Kuga Hybrid New Car For Sports Lovers

Ford Kuga Hybrid New Car For Sports Lovers. Madrid and Barcelona to come to Madrid to test cars to test the Ford Kuga hybrid. This car that I have here is a new version that is added to the existing ones of diesel gasoline and plug-in hybrid and it is a conventional hybrid with an engine with a Joint power of 190 horses conventional hybrids have as their main attraction their low consumption and that is precise.

What is the consumption of this hybrid cougar?

What we will verify in the course of this trip what is the consumption of this hybrid cougar that and of course what advantages and disadvantages our car has cure hybrid with four-wheel drive automatic transmission like all hybrids and finish v iñales the most complete and luxurious for this model costs according to the rate about forty-one thousand seven hundred euros but.

The range of the hybrid cougar starts at thirty- four thousand euros of the front-wheel-drive titanium version and surely in you will find it for much less in our portal we already have units for sale in different finishes from thirty thousand five hundred euros in cash and from 825 thousand five hundred euros conditioned to financing so if you are interested in the car you already know.

Where to find the novelty in this car we will find it here below where we have two engines, one gasoline 25-liter atmospheric 152 horsepower and the other electric 125 as usual in hybrids, the two do not add up so that what we will have is a joint power of 190 horsepower, which is not bad, the truth is that on the highway this is more than enough power to attack the slopes without losing speed and to achieve.

A consumption acceptable on our journey from Barcelona

A consumption acceptable on our journey from barcelona to sigüenza we achieved a consumption of 6.6 liters which is almost a liter more than what the car has as an approved consumption of 5 or more 7 this is a car with a family approach it is a car designed for long journeys and in fact at least with the approved consumption it would be in a position to do between 800 and 900 kilometers right.

Now we have just refueled and marks 737 of autonomy at the rate we are taking, therefore if we could easily reach even 800 and it is a car that has everything that is required of a travel car, that is to say, it is very comfortable, it is silent, it is very well insulated, it ultimately goes very well on these types of long journeys and the truth is that the highway is really the perfect habitat for a car of this type.

Type and more being a hybrid as is this ford ass and what will happen when we attack curvy roads will keep our composure think that we are talking about seventeen hundred Seventy kilos, which is a lot, and as it is a Vignale version oriented to luxury and comfort, it dispenses with the sports suspension that the s the line and st line x versions carry, however.

It is not as energetic as that of the st line

It must be recognized that the suspension is not very soft. It is not very hard either, it is not as energetic as that of the st line, but it is not very soft either and that makes the car not lean too much in the corners, no ABC and you know that when a car moves little it transmits a little more confidence about Everything in the support changes in this sense, this is a car that, well, when it is supported, it is well supported, it is firm, it is not lurching and that makes it an easy car to drive on the road and that which transmits certain confidence.

The motor for its part is energetic especially because it has the support of the electric motor, you already know that electric motors and a characteristic have is that they push from the first stroke of the accelerator Because they do not have to turn up to start performing, they perform from below and therefore even though the gasoline engine is not a shot, the fact that it has the electric motor and that when accelerating they both start operating at the same time, an interesting reactivity is achieved and above all that the power.

What you are looking for is that you have the gearbox is of the cwt type and it is clear that the typical behavior of this type of change changes that when we give gas to we give gas they skid They are doing and the acceleration is progressive but not immediate, that is, there is not a blow of those that the seat hits you when you leave, you do not notice that.

The engine is there that the engine wants

The engine is there that the engine wants but the change does not let you because it skids a lot. After all, the be good cwt until what are these changes like that there is no way that they work in another way and therefore what you have to do a little here especially in the moments of punctual loads is anti-torque a little therefore at the exit of the curve do not wait almost to have the car if.

We do not go shortly before and start to give gas and above all what you do not have to do is step on it thoroughly because then it is when it skids the most if We are progressively giving it gas, it is going much better than not in stomp things of the CVTT the Kuga brakes well with a slightly strange brake touch and suffers a little in the descents of ports and we are accumulating strong braking because as we have already said the weight is respectable the address for its part is not very informative but it is hard enough especially with the sport mode connected to make.

It is accurate we have already commented on the consumption when we got to sigüenza after recording a bit on the surrounding roads the average rose slightly but we already know that the best of hybrids is achieved in cities where it is easier for the battery to recharge and where there are more times when the electric motor moves the car in the two days.

The ideal terrain for hybrids before arriving in Madrid

We spend s in Madrid and counting only urban consumption, the average achieved was exactly 5 liters and the car circulated almost half the time powered solely by the electric motor, so effectively the city is the ideal terrain for hybrids before arriving in Madrid we circulated a little through the streets of sigüenza municipality in the province of Guadalajara of just over 4300 inhabitants with Celtiberian roman and Visigothic roots the cathedral started in the 12th-century Latin cross floor plan and notable towers the romanesque church of San Vicente.


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The walls with its five Doors and especially the spectacular castle, also from the 12th century and later expanded, looted, and recovered and which currently houses a tourist inn are some of the monuments that you should not miss if you pass through here and of course if you like nature you can go hiking in the natural space of the sweet river ravine that.

I have just behind me a space in which As I would say, you can find the common vulture, the Egyptian vulture, the Bonelli’s eagle, the golden eagle, and even the otter and the Iberian desman that was great Felix the Kuga has four-wheel drive but any resemblance to an off-road vehicle is a pure coincidence indeed because this car has a ground clearance of 16 centimeters so that those who are going to do the track regularly would do well to buy a diesel or gasoline cougar that has a ground clearance of 19 centimeters if the ground clearance is low.

Its characteristic angles are Also bad with 18.8 degrees

Its characteristic angles are Also bad with 18.8 degrees of attack and 24.4 of exit, there are cars with better angles than this Cuba, what the car does have is an intelligent permanent all-wheel-drive system that in normal conditions sends all the torque to the front wheels so that the consumption does not suffer and that when it detects or anticipates a possible slip of the front axle.

It sends torque to the wheels after you were variable, being able to even reach one hundred percent to the rear axle, this on track is noticeable because it is precisely on the track where the wheels slip the most, and by having this distribution of torque that many times even anticipates what it will go through the sensors that measure exactly.

What the traction disposition of each wheel is, we get the car to constantly distribute the torque when we drive on dirt roads and in this way it prevents the morris car from going a lot, especially from nose which is something that the sub 4×4 that are of this type that is to say that they normally go in front-wheel drive and when they need to pull the all-wheel-drive then they change in this car by having this anticipatory mode all this is done much better and the performance On the track it is very good, and this car has to complement.

A control of descents and on the other hand

Its adventurous component a little, a control of descents and on the other hand, two mod One for sliding surfaces and the other for snow and deep sand, that is to say, for situations where it is important that the traction control acts in a certain way to get us out of certain troubles. The Kuga is a segment c suv but that for size is one of the largest with a length of 4 61 meters width of 188 and a height of about 65 the battle is 271 meters which augurs good rear habitability let’s see ah well indeed here there is a lot of room for the knees towards.

The ceiling And on this side the truth is that this car has quite cubic external proportions and that together with the good wheelbase that has the habitability is very good also these seats have the possibility of reclining so that I can adopt a position well well more stretched or a position maybe not so much so a little more upright for when we do not need to rest and we go for a ride Let’s say shorter this very comfortable central square is not for several reasons first because the bench is shorter second because.

This as always has a very hard armrest and finally, because the bench enters a lot concerning the door and therefore is a bench relatively narrow as always or as almost always in these cases better off than for three one last thing here behind we have seat heating and two usb sockets one of type c and another of the old ones and finally and this is important we have The possibility of moving the seat forward is divided into two parts, it is narrower and this one that takes the central square with it, but notes that even if I advance far enough, I still keep space, I am not overwhelmed at all and in this way we gain a bit of space.